Become a Willow House Design consultant

You can visit the Willow House website to learn all about the opportunities you can have by becoming a consultant.

All I can do is tell you why I decided to become an Willow House design consultant.

Why did I think Willow House was different from all those other home selling party consultant businesses? You know what I'm talking about. We've all been to the parties at our friends homes. Whether it has been for kitchen gadgets, beauty products, jewelry or smelly things for our homes, we've been there and we've all answered no to the consultant asking if we were interested in expanding our earning potential. I know I have...every time.

By day I'm an Engineer, by night I read design, entertaining and craft blogs non-stop. In my spare time, I had been tutoring high school students in math and science but when the tutoring center I was helping at closed last year, I started searching for something else to work on. I stumbled across an ad for Entertaining at Home in a magazine and was instantly drawn to the home decor aspect of the company.

My husband and I purchased our dream house a year ago and home decor and entertaining have been consuming my life in the most wonderful way since then. Since moving in and making a bunch of changes, I've been dreaming of starting a blog of my own chronicling the fun, frustrating and satisfying moments of making a house your home. Becoming an Entertaining at Home consultant has given me that opportunity.

I was so excited when I received my consultant kit. It was like Christmas day. I just kept opening box after box of beautiful practical items I couldn't wait to put to good use and share with my friends.