Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mobiles are for everyone

So recently a lot of the people whose blogs I've been reading have been having babies. Because of that, I have seen so many adorable baby room ideas. Since I know a baby is still a few years away for us, putting any of those awesome ideas to work really isn't going to happen. Then I started thinking about the blank space above the bookcase in our guest room.

The tall ceilings in this room have made it a bit more difficult. There's so much more space to fill. So much space that could be filled up nicely with a modern, clean, adult looking mobile. Sold!

I started thinking about what I could hang from the ceiling that is sleek and delicate yet still gives a nod to the beachy theme of the room. That's when I thought about getting some clear glass Christmas ornaments, taking off the tops so they wouldn't obviously scream I'M A CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT!

I popped on over to where I found a couple different sizes of clear glass ornaments (in April!). Also while exploring the sight, I found some super cheap sea glass in different colors and some star fish as well. Perfect.

I started off by getting out some thumb tacks that were a brassy color. I quickly fixed that with a quick spray with my white spray paint.

Then after taking the tops off of the clear ornaments, I started filling them with the different colored sea glass. After I had a few ornaments filled with glass, I took a bamboo skewer, cut it into 1 1/2" pieces and tied some upholstery weight thread to it. Then just because I didn't want any mobile related accidents, I hot glued the knot in place on the skewer. I popped the bamboo into the ornament and made sure it was secure. Then I tied the other end of the thread onto the thumb tack and also hot glued the tack to the ceiling also for safety's sake.

Here's what the first one looked like.

After putting up all the ornaments with glass, I then glued a few of the star fish to upholstery thread and hung those too. I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

I love how light and airy it turned out, plus it's the first item that has helped me incorporate my new accent color, PINK!

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