Earn Free Home Decor Products!

Want to earn free and discounted Entertaining at Home products?

Host your own Email/Blog Entertaining at home party and you can earn fantastic discounts and free products!

Entertaining at Home works just like a few other home party businesses we're all familiar with (Pampered Chef, Scensty and Mary Kay are a few that come to my mind) except by doing an email/blog party, there's no cooking, cleaning or making your friends watch a stranger sell their products in your home. Instead, you get the products you want to help you throw your own party your own way.

With a blog/email party all you need to do is send out and/or post a prepared explanation about your party and Entertaining at Home products. This explanation will outline where they can find the catalog online, what dates your party will be open for them to order and how to order products online through this blog. I always ask my hosts to include their favorite product (maybe the one you're hoping to earn for free!) and why they love it in their email but that is totally optional.

To contact me about having your own Entertaining at Home party, please visit my Willow House website here and fill out the contact form.