Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Couch Has Some Fun

A few weeks ago I realized my family room was lacking. Beside having a super formal mantle arrangement, the couch was very brown and boring. Now, I'm all for expensive and hard to change things being neutral so getting my dream sectional in dark brown was a no brainer. That also explains why the huge walls in the room are neutral colors because renting scaffolding to paint a room is a little too much work for me just to get a new color every few years. The brown couch is dark to hide the dirt, brown to coordinate with the slate tile and brown accent wall. Plus it doesn't hurt that our dog is dark brown too.

The red pillows that never got put away after Christmas really weren't helping either. Sure they matched the kitchen wall color but they really were doing nothing else for the room.

I turned to the only thing I know that can spruce up a couch without reupholstering (expensive!) or buying a new couch (even more expensive!). I made new pillows in some fun new prints.

I knew I wanted to add some green for a few reasons. 1) Both of the pictures on the mantle have different shades of green and 2) Green is my FAVORITE color and 3) It's in just about all the other rooms in our house so adding some green will help tie the rooms together a bit better.

I really wanted to find a green giraffe print fabric since seeing the most ideal square tray in a green giraffe print at Z Gallerie on clearance for $30 one day. That baby so would have been mine if I hadn't been in Long Beach, CA for a work trip when I stumbled upon it. I did debate in the store for a good 30 minutes to see if I could figure out some way to get a 30 inch square tray on the plane home without spending $30 for the additional baggage it would cost me. Since you don't see it in the picture above, I'm sure you've guessed it didn't come home with me and my Z Gallerie didn't have one (on clearance or not).

After seeing some great printed fabric on a few other blogs I popped over to Premier Prints to see if they had my green giraffe fabric. It must have been my lucky day because they did. They also had a bunch of other awesome prints that happened to find there way into my cart. Weird how that happens.

On a trip to Ross a few weeks ago, I also found some fab green pillows for $6 bucks each so those ended up in my cart too.

The last pillow was actually a placemat from Pier One. Hello $3 embroidered pillow.

I think the pillows with one of my favorite throws that matches the lime green in my tree print perfectly make my brown couch look so much fresher. What do you think?

Now I just need to paint the mantle, cabinets, railing, maybe make a slip cover for the ottoman and add a few new fun accessories.

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