Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Dining Room Was Boring Part Deux

So yesterday's post ended with my dining room wall looking like this.

I think a pretty good improvement but still pretty stark and boring.

Which meant it was time for a few accessories.

Here was my first attempt at adding some zing.

Looks much better but still not exactly what I wanted. For this room and the kitchen and family room attached, I wanted to use the calendar I have hanging on the window panes for inspiration. It's colorful and fun which is exactly what I want my whole house to feel like. Here's a close up for you.

I bought it from a seller on Etsy. It's a printable calendar so it was super easy to get. Go check out The Little Brown Pen shop on Etsy. This calendar isn't up for sale right now but it's not exactly calendar season right now so I would keep my eyes peeled at the end of the year.

Okay, back to my console table. I was really not digging the right side of the table. The bowl of wood balls was a little blah and way too short. I liked the idea of keeping my copies of Gourmet mag (RIP) in the dining room for easy accessibility. Plus the colorful spines help to mirror the motif of the calendar.

See? Subtle and sensible.

So in my hunt I did what most sensible people do when they have a void in their decor. I headed down to Z Gallerie and looked for something colorful and bright. Luckily for me they had just come out with a bunch of bright colorful pieces for spring. Enter this fun bright green lantern.

Alberino Lanterns

It was exactly what the console table needed. See? So perfect.

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