Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Dining Room Was Boring

Once upon a time the wall in my dining room looked like this.

Which I'm just going to warn you looked so much better than what it looked like when we first moved in. Just imagine the same antique window in a dark brown color and nothing in the window panes. Got a super boring visual of that now? Okay good.

I knew I wanted some sort of console table to put underneath the window to give this wall a little more visual interest. Because of our very open main level, it's pretty much the only wall in the dining area so really it should have much more than one thing hanging out all alone.

My main problem with this space was it needed a super narrow table to go there since it serves as a hallway type space between the family room/entry way and the back door (really the only door we use). And when I say narrow, I mean narrow. I pretty much figured anything wider than a foot and my husband and I would be constantly running into it while leaving for work in the mornings in the dark and our dog basically runs into at least one wall on a daily basis so minimizing the target area for him sounded like a good idea too.

So after searching for months for some sort of side table that I liked and was narrow enough not to be a tripping hazard I had almost given up. Then one day I read about a delightful blog called Knock Off Wood where I found the plans for a perfect console table.

It was narrow, it was simple, it was clean lined and because I got to build it myself, I could make it the perfect length for my wall as well. Here's a link to the plans if you are interested. I cannot stress how easy building this really was. I had never built a piece of furniture before in my life. It took me 10 minutes to cut my boards on my hubby's chop saw and screw them together. 10 minutes and I had the perfect table. After a quick sanding and two coats of white paint, it was ready to plop down under my window calendar. Divine.

Now I just need to put some stuff on it...

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