Monday, April 19, 2010

It's a Slow Process

Since we moved into our house, it's been a slow process adding character. Here's a picture of our master bedroom before we moved in since I don't have one of our guest room before I started making changes.

Really you can't blame me, I think I fell asleep on my way up the stairs to take pictures of the other rooms.

The guest room looks pretty much the same, just smaller and with no window on the wall on the left hand side of the picture.

When we moved in, we got new bigger furniture for our room, the guest room pretty much got all of our old furniture. I slapped some paint on the walls added a few accessories and moved onto other rooms that we spend much more time in. Since I've knocked off some other things on my list so I've been able to concentrate a little bit more on the sadness of the room. Here's what it looked like after the first go around.

Better than white but not as amazing as it could be. I really wanted to keep the beach ocean theme but it everything on the walls were the wrong proportion, the accessories were too small and made things feel even more empty, and I felt like there weren't any great popping colors to give the room energy. All things I am aiming to change this time around.

My first change was incorporating a great Willow House product. I love these candle holders but they actually aren't available anymore. I added a few pieces of sea glass that I had leftover from another project for this room that I'm going to share in a bit. I think these are much better proportioned for the room.

I think their replacement is even better. I wish I had them right now to switch out.

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